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SPECIAL: Overstock Doggy Diapers

These high quality dog diapers are the perfect answer for older dogs with incontinence, or female dogs in heat. Simply add a sanitary napkin directly under the tail hole and slip it on your dog. Sewn in elastic keeps it snug around the legs and across the back without chaffing. These all-cotton diapers are machine washable.

NOTE: these are available through our overstock department only. Material color and pattern will vary based on inventory levels, and cannot be specified at the time of purchase. Please call for availability.

Please Select a Size Below.
Our dog diaper sizes correspond to the weight of the dog. Please select the size that best matches the weight of your dog.
Toy 2 lbs.- 6 lbs. $8.00
Petite 2 lbs.- 6 lbs. $11.00
Extra Small 2 lbs.- 6 lbs. $14.00
Small 2 lbs.- 6 lbs. $17.00
Medium 2 lbs.- 6 lbs. $20.00
Large 2 lbs.- 6 lbs. $23.00
Extra Large 2 lbs.- 6 lbs. $26.00


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